Medicare & Veteran


Benefits of Chiropractic Care.

As a gentle, natural, and effective treatment, chiropractic care is well known to be safe for the whole family, Veterans, and children. This also includes elderly members who may be feeling more aches and pains now than when they were younger. Here we look at five of the top benefits of chiropractic care for elders.

1.  Reduces the risk of falls.
2. Boosts well-being.
3. Reduces back pain.
4. Improves mobility.
5. Reduces joint pain.

'The experience here has been exceptional. The staff is great. The facility is always in stellar condition. And I love the music (Frank Sinatra)! Dr. Daniele truly believes in supporting veterans. I told him I needed an exercise bike as a part my physical therapy. Within two weeks he shows up in a nice looking Ford pick up with a brand new exercise bike! He really does care about his patients. I've even seen him trimming the bushes near the sidewalk to clear the path for people in wheelchairs.' 
- Christopher, Veteran